If you're eager to do something spooky today ready for your Halloween fancy dress party, then you could have a go at making some yummy cake pops.

These will be ideal should you get any early trick or treaters over the weekend, or may prove to be a nice treat to scoff in front of the TV if not!

If they turn out well, you could also make another batch in time for October 31st, which is just over a week away.

Bakerella states that all you'll need is an assortment of sweeties (coconut macaroons, lollipops, liquorice wheels and white bonbons are great) and some small icing pens.

Next, get hold of some lolly sticks for the sweets that aren't already on them, skewer them and turn them into scary creatures such as werewolves, ghosts and pumpkins with your coloured icing!

Bakerella has some pictures on her blog if you need to copy, but you could just let your imagination run wild.

If your Halloween fancy dress party is themed, you could also make the cake pops themed too!