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Go up, up and away with our wide range of superhero costumes and fancy dress outfits. If you are looking for a fantastic alter-ego you won't need x-ray vision to find it here, because we have one of the biggest and best selections of male and female superheroes costumes, capes and accessories in the UK. Our collection features outfits that range from Batman to Wonder Woman; from official Marvel classics to comical takes on your favourite characters. With a range this big we can ensure that you find a costume that will suit whatever your taste and whatever your budget. From elite collector's edition costumes to fantastic money saving options. Of course, if you want to team up as a dynamic duo you don't need super powers to match up your favourite hero to their super-sidekicks. Our range of superheroes varies from the costumes that feature in blockbuster films to the original artistic concepts from the illustrators who created them. So, whether you prefer Mich'l Keaton to Christian Bale as Batman, or Jack Nicholson to Heath Ledger as the Joker we have the perfect costume to cater to whatever your taste. So, tune those spidey senses, adjust the utility belt, practice your best quips and become your favourite superhero with Escapade. Shop our kid's range of superhero costumes for you're little ones and watch as their superpowers come to life too.  We have the latest Aquaman Costume and many more.
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