Witch Fingers Recipe

Witch Fingers



This spooky Halloween treat is easy enough for kids to make and not only is it a delicious snack but it the Witch Fingers are as aesthetically pleasing (or horrifying) as any Halloween treat you will come across. Add a touch of terror to any meal or buffet with the breaded witches’ fingers which will have you cackling the night away.


1 can refrigerated breadstick dough

1 pepperoni stick

Olive Oil


  1. Remove dough and cover lightly in olive oil.
  2. Shape each bread stick into a bent and wicked witch finger.
  3. Hollow out the middle of each bread stick and insert pepperoni stick.
  4. Cut knuckle marks into breadsticks to add impressions of fingers.
  5. Bake breadsticks according to directions on packet and serve.

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