1920s Fancy Dress

The rip roaring twenties, the Jazz Age, the original decade of boom times and great financial prosperity at the end of World War I. Society had changed and everyone was looking to let loose and party. However, in the USA the Government thought it would be a good idea to introduce prohibition banning the sale and consumption of alcohol. This led the speak easies, bootlegging and a huge boost in organized crime full of gangsters and molls. The 1920s was also a decade that saw huge advances in women's rights and the introduction of the “Bob” haircut and the care free hedonistic flapper culture. It was also the decade of the Jazz age best characterized by F. Scott Fitzgerald's book “The Great Gatsby.” The biggest entertainers of the twenties were Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton who introduced the world to slapstick comedy. Need a costume with a 20's theme? You'll find all of the characters mentioned above and many more here. Browse our extensive twenties fancy dress collection and you will be sure to find dance canes, flapper dresses 1920s wigs and more.
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