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In the 1950's and 1960's when it came to hair bigger was definitely better. The bouffant hairstyles that dominated during the 1950's made most iconic by Marilyn Monroe gradually progressed to bigger and bigger extremes culminating in the biggest hairstyle of them all - the Beehive.  For the men there was Elvis in the 1950's who shake, rattled and rolled his way into making the quiff the look of the 1950's. In the 1960's four mop topped singers from Liverpool changed the scene again and have arguably had more influence on popular culture than any other group or single entertainer ever to grace the stage or screen. They of course were the Beatles and the mop topped hairstyle was just like their music one of the biggest influences of the 1960's. We have a great collection of the best 50's wigs and 60's wigs that will bring your 50's and 60's retro costumes to life. Complete the look with some appropriate shades, be it the Hippie Sunglasses to match your Beatles look or the Rock and Roll 50's style sunglasses. 
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