Deadly Red Riding Hood - Makeup Tutorial

  BLOG-LEAD-IMAGE-PAGE-2 She is the innocent little girl with a deadly twist! Red Riding Hood's ethereal beauty has been tainted, was it the Big Bad Wolf or was there something even more sinister lurking in the woods? Red Riding Hood better stick to the path next time she goes to visit Grandma! Follow this Deadly Red Riding Hood tutorial to add a gorey twist to your Little Red Riding Hood costume. The bloody gashes are created using a transparent wax that easily adheres to the skin and moulds brilliantly to shape.  


The following products were used to create the Deadly Red Riding Hood look and are available to buy now on the Escapade website.  


Watch the step-by-step tutorial here:  


We understand the video may be a little fast to follow, so here is a step by step image guide for you to work from.

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Doesn't our model look terrifically terrifying? We almost feel sorry for her disfigured face! We created the "Deadly Red Riding Hood" character using our Deluxe Red Riding Hood Costume, but this facial effect can be used on its own, as an imposing gory wound, or to compliment many different characters or costumes.



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