America’s most notorious Halloween criminal is Ronald Clark O’Bryan more notoriously known as the Candyman. During Halloween O’Byran laced candy for young trick-or-treaters with cyanide. He then went on to distribute the candy to his own children and other children from around the neighbourhood.

The only victim of the Candyman’s diabolical plot was his eight-year-old son Timothy who was the only child to actually consume the tainted treats. It was later discovered that O’Bryan had taken life insurance policies out on his two children Timothy and Elizabeth and was using the tainted candy as a means of collecting on their deaths. O’Bryan laced the majourity of his Halloween candy with cyanide to avoid any suspicion concerning his plot and it was only through a very effective and efficient police network that no other children who went trick-or-treating at his residence consumed the cyanide-laced candy.

O’Bryan was executed on March 31, 1984 but not before forever changing the innocent face of trick or treating during Halloween in the USA. Since the Candyman case mass safety initiatives and plans were implemented across the United States with parents actively encouraged to inspect all of their children’s treats because of his actions. During his execution a group of college students showed up outside the prison wearing Halloween costumes and upon the announcement of his death proceeded in a raucous bout of cheering.

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