russian bigfoot



While the mythological creatures known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch are North American legends believed to be folklore and myth in Russia they are convinced by the existence of an this ape-like man, who is also known as the Yeti.

In the mountainous, remote and isolated regions of Russia there are allegedly common sightings of a species of huge ape-like creatures with human characteristics. These creatures are said to stand at over seven feet tall, possessing abnormal girth and strength and are covered from head to toe in hair.

However, much like the western Bigfoot in order for a Yeti to be classified as an official species a living or dead specimen must be discovered and investigated by scientists. To this day and despite the numerous alleged sightings and conspiracy theories regarding this creature this has never happened, and there is no strong photographic evidence to prove their existence.

Leading scientists believe that it is logistically possible that a Neanderthal sub-species of man could still exist but despite evidence of ancient skulls and even hair samples there still remains no conclusive proof. In Russian mythology the Bigfoot has been accused of killing entire families, eating livestock and destroying crops.

Every year the remote Russian mountains are host to numerous alleged sightings of these mythical creatures, and there are even forums online dedicated to their regular appearance. There have even been numerous hunting parties arranged to hunt down, kill or prove the existence of these creatures but thus far none of these organizations have provided concrete proof for the existence of the dangerous ape-man that is believed to roam Russian forest freely.

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