In 2000 years of history Halloween has been known by many names and has gone through many transitions, but is only in the last 100 years that it became the worlds second biggest commercial holiday, celebrated by millions and generating billions in revenue. How did this happen? Look West. In 1846 when the Irish came into America and wrecked the puritans tempered celebrations of the harvest festival. The immigrants brought their own ancient English, Irish and European traditions with them to the new world. They begin to wear costumes and go door to door asking for food and money, essentially begging as in the tradition of All Souls day, which would become “trick-or-treating.”  By the turn of the century the popularity of Halloween began to explode in America turning it into the holiday it is now, with huge parties and gatherings for costume clad adults and trick or treating for the children. It has since grown exponentially across the world into the holiday that we all know and love today.

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