Football Fancy Dress Costumes & Accessories

With our excellent collection of football themed fancy dress costumes & accessories you'll find the perfect selection of outfits to show support for country during the World Cup. Whether you'll be donning the red and white St George's Cross as an England supporter or a Lederhosen to show your support for Germany, we’ve got a great collection of accessories and fancy dress costumes to make sure you stand out from the crowd. We've also included in this category a selection of costumes from: Spain, France, Mexico, Egypt, Russia and many more so that if your allegiances aren't with England there is still a wide variety of national themed outfits you can wear to show your support. From our Egyptian Goddess costume to our Napoleon costume and leprechaun costume.    In this category you'll also find a variety of some of our funniest fancy dress costumes perfect for sporting events, take a look at our referee fancy dress for example. While we can't guarantee it, these costumes may significantly improve your chances of being seen on television screens across the world during your next match. Whatever your country or team with Escapade you'll find an excellent selection of football fancy dress costumes and accessories perfect for getting into the spirit for the World Cup!
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