Pear of Halloween Ghosts

A Halloween treat that taste great, looks great and better yet is healthy. If your kids are overloaded on sugar this year, and let’s face it you know they will be, then the Halloween pear will be the perfect way to make sure you can still get them at least one of their five a day. Anything that is this easy to make, looks this good, taste amazing and is actually good for you is a sure fire winner for Halloween.

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 20 – 35 minutes

What you need: 2 pears, ½ pint apple juice, 1 cinnamon stick, Pinch of dried nutmeg, 2 frozen redcurrants, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, dairy or whipped cream, red fruit juice.


  1. Peel pears
  2. Place pairs in a saucepan with apple juice cinnamon stick and nutmeg. Simmer gently for 20 minutes.
  3. Remove from juice and cool
  4. Slightly slice bottom of pairs to allow them to stand upright
  5. Continue to simmer juice for an additional 10 minutes to use as syrup to top off treat.
  6. Create small holes in the pairs for eyes, fill holes with dried redcurrants or cranberries
  7. Use pumpkin seeds to create fangs by pushing into the pear in a circular shape.
  8. Place on severing plate and surround with whipping cream.
  9. Add the syrup or a touch of red juice to add a spooky effect to the ghost’s mouths.

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