A Handy Drink

Handy Drink



This frightfully, freaky, fantastic concoction is not for the faint hearted and is sure to impress your Halloween guests. There is nothing quite like a bloody hand in a bowl of punch to keep your alcohol intake below the legal limit. The effect is fantastic and as the night runs on not only will the punch appear that it has been prepared by a maniac bartender who went a little over board while slicing a lemon the icy hands he left behind will, of course, keep your drink cool. As the night progresses the hands will begin to melt mixing the cranberry juice into the vodka lemonade concoction adding an extra dimension to the taste of the beverage and giving the cool visual effect of the hands dripping blood.


2 – 4 plastic gloves (depending on how hands on you want the drink to be)


Cranberry Juice (can be substituted with orange or another juice that matches your personal preferences)

Lemonade (can be substituted with soda water)


1. Prepare the gloves

Put the Latex gloves on and wash your hands.

Turn the gloves inside out and rinse them

Fill the plastic gloves with cranberry juice and make sure that you tie off the ends.

Place the gloves in the freezer and allow time for them to freeze.

2. Mix your punch

Mix your punch:

Use a medium sized punch bowl and mix the lemonade with the vodka to the strength that you desire. (We personally recommend using cloudy lemonade for its bitter taste that mixes well with the cranberry juice and its added visual aesthetic)

3. Add the bloody hands

As your first few guests arrive remove the bloody hands from the freezer and carefully extract the plastic gloves.

You will be left with two perfect ice hands that you can place into the punch bowl and you can start serving your bloody hand punch immediately.
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