Cannibal's Punch

Cannibal Punch



If you are looking to create a drink that will arouse feelings of sheer visceral repulsion than the cannibals punch, which includes the severed arms and legs of an unfortunate doll, will be sure to create this affect. This is one of the creepiest drinks that you are bound to come across at anytime and always delivers plaudits from guests. Just be warned this is a very potent punch so drink in moderation.


2 bottles of champagne

1 bottle of vodka

2 litres if ginger ale

1 can frozen lemonade concentrate or alternatively 2 litres of lemonade

1 thoroughly cleaned and sterilized doll


  1. Thoroughly clean doll, we recommend buying a new one and putting it in the dish washer. Carefully remove the arms and legs.
  2. Fill large bowl, bin, or mixing jug with ice and add the listed ingredients above and stir thoroughly.
  3. Add severed doll arms and legs and serve up the cannibals punch.

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