Carver the Killer Clown

  • There will no doubt have been some exciting Halloween fancy dress competitions held over the past weekend.

    However, one of the most inventive in the world surely has to be Bermuda's Blue Water Divers Fancy Dress and Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest, which took place recently amid a flurry of excitement.

    Divers donned wetsuits and scary outfits such as killer clown fancy dress and headed down to the bottom of the ocean near the shipwreck of

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  • Clowns may be used as toys for young children, but we have to say there's something very creepy about adults dressed in <clown fancy dress costumes.

    However, get ready to see a lot more of them as coulrophobia (that's fear of clowns to you and me) prepares to affect a whole new generation of movie fans.

    Stephen King's It is due to be remade next year and we've heard it won't be for the faint-hearted, with Pennywise the clown set for a revival as an even more terrifying malevolent force.

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