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    Fans of The Muppets may be pleased to hear that a trailer for their forthcoming movie has been released.

    Two teaser snippets were put on the internet in recent weeks, one of which was a parody of The Green Lantern, but it turns out that they were just there to throw people off the scent.

    Now, the real trailer has emerged and it shows the gang of characters involved in everything from sword fights and love scenes to toilet humour.

    It is thought the film will come

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  • Oddball pop star Lady Gaga has been photographed wearing Statue of Liberty fancy dress for a magazine photoshoot.

    The Poker Face singer sported the outfit as part of a special New York edition of V magazine, which also included Jake Shears and Debbie Harry.

    Editor Stephen Gan explained the Mario Testino pics were supposed to celebrate everything the Big Apple has offered to the world, with Lady Gaga one of the most recent successes.

    "Just as the Statue of Liberty was France's gift to America, Gaga is, to us, New

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