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    Harrison Ford may come across as gruff and awkward in interviews, but he has shown he has a great sense of humour by taking part in a sketch for a US TV show.

    A scene opened for the Jimmy Kimmel Live programme that showed the 69-year-old actor apparently getting his makeup done while talking on his mobile about a possible movie called Air Force One Two.

    However, his face turns stony as a familiar face appears in the doorway - his old Star Wars pal Chewbacca.


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    Fans of Star Wars took to social networking sites in their thousands yesterday to celebrate what is increasingly being referred to as Star Wars Day (if you're not sure why, it's twisting May the Force Be With You to May the 4th Be With You).

    Messages based on the sci-fi saga trended on Twitter and the official website was crashed as droves of people checked it for an exciting new announcement.

    A clock had been counting down and promising something fresh would be

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  • A museum in Inverness is achieving record visitor numbers thanks to a new exhibition which is appealing to fans of Star Wars fancy dress costumes and other sci-fi themes.

    Invasion opened at Inverness Museum and Art Gallery at the beginning of this month and features a range of props and outfits from films like Star Wars, Alien, Mars Attacks and Predator, including Darth Vader costumes and other exciting pieces.

    According to BBC News, some 300 people a day have been flocking to check out the event, which will go on until May 29th 2010.<br View Post