Bum Shorts

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    Given the amount of coverage Pippa Middleton's derriere has received in the papers since the royal wedding, you might be forgiven for thinking you see more of hers than you do your own.

    However, even this was apparently not enough to earn her the coveted Rear of the Year title - because she was 'pipped' to the post by Carol Vorderman.

    Organisers Wizard Jeans and Tony Edwards said the maths genius got a "deluge" of votes from admirers, thanks to her penchant for fitted

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    It seems like one man hasn't been watching those ads in which a couple of Australians dish out relationship advice closely enough.

    A car was spotted this week in Birmingham that proves men should never say another woman is better-looking than their other half, no matter what the circumstances.

    Right down the side in white spray paint read the words: "Is Pippa's Bum Still Better Than Mine???", apparently in reference to the Duchess of Cambridge's sister Pippa

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  • Princess Eugenie has been having great fun on holiday in Spain, with pictures showing her trying on fun fancy dress and laughing with a mate.

    The 20-year-old - who is to return to her studies at Newcastle Uni soon - has been off on her jollies with Tilly Standing, her good pal and daughter of thespian Sir John Standing.

    On a day out, they spotted a costume shop and promptly went in to try on fake bottoms, happily posing for pictures with the humourous accessories.

    It's clear the young royal likes a good joke, although she has recently admitted

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