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    Many Pirates of the Caribbean fans may have thought the franchise would be over after On Stranger Tides, but Johnny Depp is now believed to have signed on for a fifth film.

    According to press reports, the star, 48, has negotiated a deal to appear as Captain Jack Sparrow in another - as yet untitled - instalment.

    He has already made a whopping £200 million from his appearances as the popular character, whom he famously based on Keith Richards.

    However, this is set to

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  • Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp has made the wishes of a little girl from London come true after visiting her school in pirates fancy dress.

    The actor made a surprise visit to the Meridian primary school in Greenwich kitted out as his iconic character Captain Jack Sparrow, while taking a break from filming the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, On Stranger Tides, at the Royal Naval College.

    Depp put in an appearance after receiving a letter from nine-year-old Beatrice Delap, a student of the school, who had written to the star asking for Captain Jack's help in staging a mutiny against the teachers.

    During a

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  • Fun fancy dress events have been recommended by one news provider as a great way of allowing people to relax and make friends.

    Mark Tronson, writing for Christian Today, said dressing up takes people back to their childhood and lets them forget the stresses of their working life.

    He recommended choosing a theme such as movie characters, vegetables and Back to the Future - particularly popular at the moment, apparently - to generate a talking point and create even more fun at gatherings.

    "Fancy dress functions,

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