Mad Hatter

  • An exhibition in Los Angeles is showcasing the best in film fancy dress, including several outfits from Oscar-nominated flicks.

    The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising is the location for the show, which is entitled Art Of Motion Picture Costume Design and is on now.

    Among the outfits available for visitors to look at is the Mad Hatter fancy dress worn by Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland and the Elizabethan dress worn by Helen Mirren in

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  • Halloween fancy dress parties look set to be a lively affair in 2010 as people seek to forget the doom and gloom seen during the recession.

    We've been carrying out some research into costume preferences based on sales and social networking and have found that while obvious choices such as vampire fancy dress and Harry Potter outfits continue to be popular, so do certain others.

    This year, searches for comedy outfits are up by a massive 35 per cent, with sales also going up dramatically.

    "We believe that the current visitor trend towards

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  • Johnny Depp used his Mad Hatter fancy dress costume for the new Alice in Wonderland film to really get the feel of his character.

    This is according to designer Colleen Atwood, who has worked with him on a number of films and who made the costume for the Tim Burton reimagining, which came out on DVD this month.

    She told the Associated Press that she designs a piece and then gets him to wear it to see how he connects with the style.

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