Iron Man

  • The most exciting of all Marvel events is happening next week and here at Escapade we just cannot wait! Yes, that’s it, Avengers: Infinity War is out and we will finally get to watch Earth’s most powerful superheroes take on the Mad Titan, Thanos.  Featuring over 60 characters, this will include all of our favourites from Captain America to Spiderman, Hulk to Black Widow and many more and will also mark the 10th anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  So for all you Marvel fanatics out there, we thought we would take the time to share  5 interesting facts about Avengers: Infinity War! View Post
  • She has been fighting crime in her bustier and hotpants since 1941, but the people at DC Comics have announced changes to the Wonder Woman fancy dress costume we all know and love.

    As the 600th Wonder Woman comic hit stores in the US, creator Jim Lee unveiled a new outfit for her, which consisted of black leggings, flatter boots and stirrups reminiscent of the Iron Man costume.

    She keeps her red top, View Post
  • If you want to dress as a superhero soon, you'd better get your hands on a Thor fancy dress costume.

    Thor is the latest superhero from Marvel comics who is to get a Hollywood movie in his name, so fans are getting very excited, particularly after some behind the scenes footage was released by producers.

    Chris Hemsworth plays the god of thunder, while Natalie Portman is his love interest and Anthony Hopkins is Odin.

    Very little has been said about the content of the film, but it is sure to be a View Post