Marilyn Monroe

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    Amanda Holden has been emulating another bubbly blonde this week as she posed for a shoe ad.

    The Britain's Got Talent judge is the feet of TrimSole Toning Footwear and she can be seen in the publicity photos lying on her stomach in a dress very similar to the one Marilyn Monroe wore in The Seven Year Itch.

    She also has her hair tousled like the iconic movie star and someone has even drawn on a little beauty spot to complete the look.

    However rather than high heels

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    People who like tea can now enjoy wearing it as well as drinking it, because Tetley has launched a new scent capturing the essence of the humble cuppa.

    Yes, we thought it was an April fool at first too, but the manufacturer said it decided to launch Le Brew via its eBay site after finding tea is one of Britain's favourite smells.

    Indeed, it came fourth in a list also featuring fresh bread, cut grass and clean laundry.

    Le Brew features Tina from the Tetley Tea Folk - who is drawn

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  • Lara Stone hopes to help this year's Comic Relief campaign by sporting film fancy dress and encouraging people to buy red noses.

    The model, who is married to David Walliams, said she thinks the day of fundraising is a great way to get involved and generate plenty of cash for the people who need it most, both in the UK and abroad.

    She sported Marilyn Monroe fancy dress to recreate the scene in The Seven Year Itch where the actress walks over a subway

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