• If you're going to a tarts and vicars party and you are actually a reverend, then it would be much more fun to go in sexy fancy dress.

    This is exactly what Rev Martin Wray from Horsley Hill in South Shields thought when the town decided to hold a fundraising evening for charity, the Shields Gazette reports.

    However, the idea seems to have gone down like a lead balloon among parishioners at St Lawrence the Martyr Church, who claim the party-loving rev has brought the place into disrepute.

    They insist he should not have allowed himself to be

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  • If you're buying superhero fancy dress soon, the chances are you'll go for a baddie instead of a goodie.

    How can we tell? Because villainous outfits are currently outselling their virtuous counterparts across the board, as people perhaps seek to bring out their inner rebel.

    Batman fancy dress is being overshadowed by the Joker at a rate of ten per cent, while poor old Jesus is even being outsold by the Devil, with outfits for the evil one going 30

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