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    He is to grace cinema screens all over the UK from April 27th 2011 onwards, but Thor actor Tom Hiddleston has revealed his father did not want him to become an actor.

    He plays Loki, Thor's evil brother in the Marvel comics movie adaptation, but told the Scottish Daily Record that his dad James was not keen on him pursuing this kind of career when he first mentioned it as a 13-year-old.

    "We had arguments about me doing something as insubstantial as acting," he

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  • Anyone visiting London this summer could have the perfect opportunity to wear superhero fancy dress thanks to a new exhibition.

    Madame Tussaud's recently opened its Marvel SuperHeroes 4D display, which allows comic book fans to enter the world of their idols and explore like never before.

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  • If you want to dress as a superhero soon, you'd better get your hands on a Thor fancy dress costume.

    Thor is the latest superhero from Marvel comics who is to get a Hollywood movie in his name, so fans are getting very excited, particularly after some behind the scenes footage was released by producers.

    Chris Hemsworth plays the god of thunder, while Natalie Portman is his love interest and Anthony Hopkins is Odin.

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