• After the news of the discovery of the Higgs boson set the scientific communities tongues wagging last week, another major win for science (albeit fictional science) has been announced with the news that the original Ghostbusters Proton Pack will be falling under the hammer on the 30th of July in Los Angeles. Although it isn’t clear which of the Ghostbusters wore this particular proton pack (it is rumoured the packs were alternated throughout filming, so it is possible all four of them wore it at one point) it is the first of its kind to come under auction and is an authenticated prop from the original 1984 Ghostbusters film. The proton pack is a portable particle accelerator allowing would be Ghostbusters among you to hold “negatively charged ectoplasm entities.” View Post
  • People are more interested in sporting Halloween fancy dress come October 31st than they are in getting all soppy when Valentine's Day rolls around.

    This is the discovery of retailers this year, who have noted a massive boom in sales of spooky products such as pumpkins, sweets and goody bags.

    Tesco said it expects to sell £55 million in Halloween goods, with toffee apples predicted to be particularly popular.

    With sales having almost trebled since 2005, Tesco's Carolyn Bradley said Halloween is now one of the year's most important

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  • A Star Wars fancy dress stunt carried out in New York's subway earlier this month has become an internet sensation.

    Guerilla theatre group Improv Everywhere dressed up in Star Wars costumes to reenact the scene from the first film of the original trilogy in which Princess Leia meets Darth Vader onboard the Death Star.

    New actors joined the subway train at various stations to help recreate the action, with bewildered members of the public encouraged to participate too.

    According to the Telegraph, the YouTube video created of the 'mission'

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