• Read entertainment news as you browse for superhero fancy dress with Escapade

    Comic book fans have taken part in a vote to create the ultimate superhero, made up of the best bits of other characters from over the years.

    LoveFilm asked 3,000 people to cast their votes to celebrate the release of the new Captain America film in cinemas.

    However, the results may surprise some people, as the superheroes that are usually the classics were a bit further down the list than perhaps could be expected.

    Some 38 per cent said they thought Wolverine's

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  • Read entertainment news as you browse for superhero fancy dress with Escapade

    X-Men fans watching the new prequel First Class may not spot any James Bond costumes among the mutant outfits sported in the movie, but the suave spy was one of the influences behind it.

    This is according to its director Matthew Vaughn, who said he was determined to bring in some of the aspects of the Bond films in order to create the perfect setting.

    "I watched all the early Bond movies again. You Only Live Twice I watched a couple of times. I really wanted it to feel

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  • People in the south of England may want to keep their eyes open for superhero fancy dress next month when the new X-Men film starts shooting.

    X-Men: First Class is a prequel to the existing movies and tells the story of Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr before they became Professor X and Magneto, while they were still young and discovering their special powers.

    January Jones of Mad Men has been signed up to play Emma Frost - the White Queen - while Oliver Platt will play the Man in Black. Other actors are to include Rose Byrne, James McAvoy and Jason

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