• 2018 was a fallow year, meaning that Glastonbury Festival didn’t take place last year. This gives the organisers, festival-goers and, of course, Worthy Farm itself the chance to recover and recuperate from the previous five years of mayhem. Well, it is the world’s largest greenfield festival,... View Post
  • Copyright Toho. All Rights Reserved Godzilla has become a worldwide phenomenon, and the monster’s impact has not waned over the years. Not only is this the second of Legendary Entertainment’s Godzilla (and third overall in the MonsterVerse series, the second being Kong: Skull Island), but mo... View Post
  • Rock and pop star biographies are all the rage at the moment. There’s the upcoming Rocketman, a musical fantasy detailing Sir Elton John’s initial breakthrough years, and there was last year’s runaway success Bohemian Rhapsody, which is still being shown in some smaller, hotel and independent ci... View Post