• Brad Pitt has revealed that his kids would love to get him in superhero fancy dress to play Spiderman.

    Speaking to People at the premiere of his new animated movie Megamind, the actor said his little ones loved the webbed wonder.

    "Spiderman is big in our family. The kids think he's the coolest. If there was one superhero they would want me to play, that would be the one," he revealed.

    Unfortunately for Pitt, Andrew Garfield recently inherited <a

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  • A comic book fansite has insisted that Brad Pitt would be perfect in superhero fancy dress for a movie adaptation of a classic character.

    Writing for, an author referred to as Gab said he would love to see the Ocean's Eleven star sporting Flash fancy dress to play the DC creation.

    He argued that this would really get the world's attention and would allow the company to hold its own against all the recent Marvel

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