Simon Cowell Mask

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    This could be enough to put your off your lunchtime sandwiches, but Simon Cowell has revealed he has a special talent when it comes to puckering up.

    The Britain's Got Talent judge took part in a question and answer session with fans of the show during one of the intervals, Metro reports.

    When asked if he had a special talent that he could use to win the show if he was a contestant, Cowell said he did.

    "I'm a fantastic kisser," he is reported to have

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  • Harry Hill has been celebrating the return of TV Burp by mocking up the X Factor in fun fancy dress.

    The funnyman returns to our screens on Saturday (October 9th 2010) and he posed for a series of photographs in TV Times dressed up as both Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell.

    "I had great fun with Simon. But it was a little bit strange dressing up as Cheryl," Harry revealed.

    He joked that he felt very powerful with his Simon Cowell fancy dress on,

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  • Normally, people wear fun fancy dress to stand out in a crowd, but X Factor star Olly Murs has revealed he uses it to hide from his fans.

    The singer, who could hit number one in the charts this weekend, told the Daily Star he resorted to wearing a costume at V Festival so he didn't have to continually pose for photographs.

    He dressed up like comedy character Fonejacker for the day, putting sunglasses and a balaclava on so he would be unrecognisable.

    "It was weird … but I managed to have a good time and show

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