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    Police in Nottinghamshire were left red-faced recently, after smashing a car window to rescue a baby - only to find it was actually a doll.

    Chanel Cristofis, five, had received the Reborn toy for her birthday and would leave it in her dad's car while she went to school and he went to work at a local chippy.

    However, one particularly hot day, a passerby noticed the incredibly lifelike doll in the back of the Vauxhall and panicked, thinking it was a real child that could

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  • Two people were arrested in separate incidents in the US last week after their Halloween fancy dress got them in trouble.

    In Maryland, a man wearing a baby costume was apprehended for disorderly conduct after trying to get people on his street to give him candy and sweets.

    The police were called after Joseph David DiVanna, 47, started cursing at passersby, but he insisted he was provoked and they were actually at fault.

    Despite his protests, neighbours were upset at his trick-or-treating and he was carted off in his nappy and

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  • If you're in the north Devon area and are stuck for something to do this weekend, then why not don baby fancy dress and take part in a pram race?

    The Appledore Pirates will be holding their annual fundraising competition on Friday (July 2nd) night, which will see teams of two people race from pub to pub around Appledore.

    One member should be in a pram and one should be pushing, so expect to see some hilarious sights as the costumed participants attempt to get hold of a quick half, sup it and then race on.<br View Post