• If you want to opt for a Halloween fancy dress costume that you will be able to use again this year, then you may wish to go for something monster-themed.

    A new film will be making its way to the UK in November that is sure to have fans of the Alien and Predator flicks well-entertained.

    Directed by Gareth Edwards, Monsters tells the story of a space probe that crashes to earth and brings with it frightening alien life-forms. They spawn and take over Mexico, forcing the US Army to contain them and the citizens to grudgingly live alongside

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  • A Halo fancy dress costume could be the perfect choice for fans of the computer game who want to get noticed.

    Julian Horsey from Geeky Gadgets recently got in touch with a special effects artist named Pete Mander, who has recreated one of the Halo Elite costumes as a one-off piece which will probably go on display in a movie exhibition somewhere.

    It is 7ft tall and took Pete hours of manpower, since it also moves animatronically.

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  • It's a big year for summer blockbusters in 2010, but we'll definitely be donning Predator fancy dress costumes for one very exciting movie.

    Predators, the third instalment in a series which pits humans against the most terrifying hunters imaginable, will hit UK cinemas on July 22nd 2010 and it's a thrilling prospect.

    The first film came out in 1987 (yes, really!) and saw Arnold Schwarzenegger pit his wits against a Predator in a South American jungle, while the second, not quite as good, saw the action transferred to View Post