Christmas Pudding

  • Anyone who is going to a Christmas fancy dress party soon might want to get hold of a jokey outfit in order to make the event even more fun. states that you could opt for a range of traditional costumes for you and your mates, with Santa, Mrs Christmas and elves all obvious choices.

    However, if might be a laugh to play a few games in order to decide who should have to wear the forfeit outfit.

    For instance, you could play a quick game of charades one evening before the party, with the loser drawing the short straw when it comes to what to

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  • If you're the kind of person who lives for the festive season, then you may want to pack up your Santa fancy dress costume and head to Rotherham next month.

    No, you didn't read that wrong - we did say next month, because some slightly bonkers councillors have decided that staging Christmas in July would attract visitors to the town and boost its income.

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