• Hen Party Costume Ideas

    Hen parties are all about making that last night of freedom as fun as possible and what better way to do that than in a hilarious fancy dress costume! Whether you’re looking for something quick, easy and a little cheeky or something hugely outrageous, here at Escapade we have tons of fun ideas which will be bound to get you noticed wherever you set out! Guaranteed to make you giggle and of course, make you and your hen crew feel very special indeed, here are some fun and fabulous themes we would love to share with you! View Post
  • Our guest blogger (performance artist, model & fine artist Kate Lomax) delivers a creepy collection of makeup & body paint ideas to inspire and infect your brain this Halloween - remember, it's not just the costume that counts, you should always go for the full look if you can! View Post
  • Read celebrity news as you browse for sexy fancy dress with Escapade

    Lindsay Lohan has reportedly said that she thought she should have been given the lead role in Black Swan.

    The 25-year-old actress had taken part in a photoshoot with Plum Miami Magazine, but then refused to do the accompanying interview.

    So, journalist Jacquelynn Powers decided to write up a damning account of her diva-like behaviour instead, explaining how she was rude to valet staff and refused to leave the hotel the magazine had provided for her.

    Ms Powers said Lohan was

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