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    David Arquette, one of the stars of Scream 4, has said the new sequel is taking the series back to its original roots.

    In an interview with the Times Union, the actor revealed it was quite strange to go back to the franchise after so many years, but explained the fact that Scream 4 takes a similar tone to the first movie from 1996 actually made it feel like coming home.

    "We have this new cast of kids who are experiencing what we were experiencing the first time

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  • A teenager who wore Halloween fancy dress to promote a new store in the US state of Missouri ended up red-faced after passers-by mistook him for a crazed madman.

    According to the Joplin Globe, the unnamed youth had put on a Scream fancy dress costume to generate publicity for the Spirit of Halloween outlet, which has begun selling spooky decorations and other goods in the small town.

    However, as he waved at cars and pedestrians in his black cloak, someone got

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