Alice Cooper

  • Looks like Schools out for summer! Our shop on Camden High Street was buzzing more than usual as Alice Cooper stopped by to pay us a visit today.

    The American rock legend was on his way to Sonisphere Festival where he will be headlining the Saturn Stage tonight.

    He picked up a few Clown Masks for his performance this evening. So those of you lucky enough to attend should expect a wild show this evening.

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  • A Slash fancy dress costume created a humorous scene at a ceremony to be featured on Living TV's reality show Four Weddings.

    For one upcoming episode of the programme, in which couples compete to see which of them can plan the best nuptials, office manager Steven Craig dressed as the legendary guitarist for a rival's wedding, the Daily Record reports.

    However, he had mistakenly prepared for a rock music theme and arrived to find all the other guests sporting traditional wedding attire, View Post