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  • Top 4th July Costumes

    The 4th of July has become a world-famous US holiday. This is likely due to the influence of American film and media around the world, as well as the fact that all those pesky aliens keep trying to take over the Earth every Independence Day. So how do us Brits celebrate the Fourth of July, es... View Post
  • Cinco De Mayo

    Cinco de Mayo, which literally translates as “Fifth of May” in Spanish, is an annual celebration held every May 5th to commemorate the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla. Cinco de Mayo is more often celebrated in the U.S. than in Mexico, and nowadays the day... View Post
  • Did you know that May is Zombie Awareness Month? As of 2007, every year sees May 1st to May 31st play host to Zombie Walks, Zombie Runs and Zombie Food Drives, often using such events to raise money for charity. Some even use May to prepare for a zombie apocalypse, gathering supplies such as ... View Post