Wonder Woman

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    Anyone who thinks they've got an embarrassing dad had better be prepared to admit they're not in as blush-inducing a situation as one American teen.

    Rain Price, 16, from Utah asked his father Dale if he would mind not waving him off when he left on the school bus each day, as he felt it was damaging his street cred.

    However, Dale instead decided to wave at his son from the front porch each day wearing superhero fancy dress and other costumes.

    So far, he has

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    The first pictures have emerged of the new Wonder Woman costume that is being used for the live action version of the DC Comics cartoon.

    Adrianne Palicki is starring as the crime-fighting heroine and she was pictured this week in Los Angeles, sprinting down a road and sporting a revamped version of the classic look.

    The red bustier is still there, as is the useful belt, but the superhero's hotpants have been swapped for some more practical blue leggings with stars down

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  • The superhero fancy dress worn by Wonder Woman would have to be changed from the classic in order to make it work for a film or TV adaptation, it has been claimed.

    There has been much debate about the crime-fighter's attire lately after her costume was given a complete revamp in the comic book late last year.

    Die-hard fans complained that the bomber jacket and slim-fitting trousers were too far away from the original bustier and hot pants combo, but Joey Esposito from IGN UK said they are more suitable for real life should an actress be required to don

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