• It's always hard to come up with new ideas for costume parties, so how about a new take on superhero fancy dress?

    According to Liz Tracy's blog for the Miami New Times, there is to be a big pub crawl on South Beach in Florida this weekend with a Superheroes vs Supervillains theme.

    "A thirsty crew of avengers and protectors of the people will make their way through South Beach seeking libations," she commented.

    This sounds like a great idea to steal, er, sorry - emulate, if you want to organise your own bash,

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  • When Henley resident Hema Williams was told to dress up in a Wonder Woman fancy dress costume for a small 40th birthday party in her back garden, she probably didn't expect to spend the day surrounded by hundreds of other superheroes.

    However, that's exactly what happened thanks to her husband Lee, the Henley Standard reports.

    The enterprising spouse got her all dressed up and then drove her to the local golf club, where more than 200 friends and family members were waiting in their costumes to surprise View Post