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    A couple from South Carolina have claimed that the image of Jesus has appeared on a till receipt from Walmart.

    Jacob Simmons and his fiancee Gentry Lee Sutherland told a local news provider they had been shopping for pictures there recently and took the receipt back to their apartment with them.

    It ended up on the floor a few days later and it was only when Ms Sutherland stopped to pick it up that she spotted something unusual.

    The scrap of paper had developed grey colouring in

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  • If you're buying superhero fancy dress soon, the chances are you'll go for a baddie instead of a goodie.

    How can we tell? Because villainous outfits are currently outselling their virtuous counterparts across the board, as people perhaps seek to bring out their inner rebel.

    Batman fancy dress is being overshadowed by the Joker at a rate of ten per cent, while poor old Jesus is even being outsold by the Devil, with outfits for the evil one going 30

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