It's always hard to come up with new ideas for costume parties, so how about a new take on superhero fancy dress?

According to Liz Tracy's blog for the Miami New Times, there is to be a big pub crawl on South Beach in Florida this weekend with a Superheroes vs Supervillains theme.

"A thirsty crew of avengers and protectors of the people will make their way through South Beach seeking libations," she commented.

This sounds like a great idea to steal, er, sorry - emulate, if you want to organise your own bash, as it provides an easy way for people to pair up and coordinate their costumes.

You could even turn it into a three-legged escapade if you want to get even more adventurous - although knee pads might then be an ideal accessory!

For something a little quirky in the line of superheroes, Batfink costumes could go down a storm, while Skeletor fancy dress is surely the perfect supervillain outfit.