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Given the amount of coverage Pippa Middleton's derriere has received in the papers since the royal wedding, you might be forgiven for thinking you see more of hers than you do your own.

However, even this was apparently not enough to earn her the coveted Rear of the Year title - because she was 'pipped' to the post by Carol Vorderman.

Organisers Wizard Jeans and Tony Edwards said the maths genius got a "deluge" of votes from admirers, thanks to her penchant for fitted body-con dresses.

They also pointed out that voting has been taking place since last year, while Pippa fans had only six weeks to cast their opinions about her.

Even Vorderman admitted she was a bit stunned.

''I am really surprised and flattered to get this award, particularly at this stage of my life,'' she enthused.

Strictly Come Dancing star Anton won the male Rear of the Year award.

Previous female winners include Charlotte Church and Denise Van Outen.

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