5 Halloween Makeup Ideas

Allow us to introduce you to Kate Lomax, our guest blogger for today. Alongside being quite the prolific model and internationally touring performance artist (she breathes fire!), Kate is also an academically qualified fine artist who concentrates her talents across a collection of amazing disciplines, one of those being bodypainting. We've been lucky enough to have her present some of her favourite pieces she's been asked to create to help inspire you to have an even more shocking Halloween: WARNING: IMAGES BELOW CONTAIN PARTIAL / IMPLIED MALE & FEMALE NUDITY NOT INTENDED FOR MINORS

SUGAR SKULL A really popular design with the ladies at Halloween - make it as feminine and decadent as you like with fake flowers, beads and feathers. I love the effect of the gold I used on the face - mix with water and a bit of white face paint to create a pale gold layer. I think this is one of my favourite looks to create, a lot of people ask for it. It's good as you can mix up the colours and patterns to match your personality... you can either go down the sexy route or the creepy route. (Photo by Marc Byram)
SKULL CHEST PIECE Sometimes for Halloween you don't want to scare small children/elderly relatives with your face, so a painted chest piece is a good option for this - keep your make up simple, dark and striking (Mac eye shadow in Carbon gives a killer smoky eye, along with Mac Kohl eye pencil in Smoulder). For this skull chest piece you can use Grimas face and body paint, and blended with Sleek eyeshadow to create smoother high lights and shadows. (Photo by Kate Lomax)
NEON SKULL A great look if you're going out clubbing and you know there'll be UV lights to show it off - for those who want to inject a bit of colour to their Halloween celebrations. I used Star gazer Neon Orange Paint (available from Escapade's Camden Superstore!) for this look. It's only the paint that will stand out under the UV light - so you dont have to paint the rest of your body black - I had no other paint on apart from the orange in this pic! Of course if there's non UV lighting, you can always paint the black on - Grimas are great for their face and body paints. (Photo by Marc Byram)
PUNISHER I painted this Punisher look for WWE wrestler Finn Balor / Fergal Devitt for a show at Preston City Wrestling (see video below), but its a great look for Halloween too. I used Grimas face and body paint for this. A great look for the fellas who want something simple and bold.
CRAZY PARIS I am in love with fake blood! It can be so realistic and a little goes a long way. You can create this look with loose powders by Barry M, and various black, purple and grey eyeshadows. Get creative with just the most basic ingredients - Halloween doesn't have to be expensive. (Photo by Marc Byram)
CREEPY CLOWN Clowns are pretty horrific at the best of times, so they're a perfect option for a Halloween party. I'm really impressed with the green hair spray you can buy pretty easily these days (available from Escapade's Camden Superstore!) - it shows up on even dark hair and shampoos out easily. Get wild hair by not holding back on the back combing - use a fine tooth comb to create volume and a strong hold hair spray to keep it in place. Add extra creepiness with red contact lenses and be prepared to give people nightmares for a week. (Photo by Hyder Images)
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