Top 4th July Costumes

The 4th of July has become a world-famous US holiday. This is likely due to the influence of American film and media around the world, as well as the fact that all those pesky aliens keep trying to take over the Earth every Independence Day. So how do us Brits celebrate the Fourth of July, especially considering that we’re the ones that they wanted independence from (and got, on that fateful day in 1776)?

Do we snarl and snap at our American neighbours, never truly forgiving the young upstarts for their boisterous ways? Or do we refuse to acknowledge the 4th of July at all, and strut around in our colonial wear, full of pomp and grandiosity? “You’ll never truly be out of our shadow, little brother,” we may say to our cousins over the Atlantic.

Why, neither of these, of course! We celebrate the Fourth of July with our American friends, of course. The cost of administering such a large country would be well out of our budget nowadays, so we’re more likely to be thankful than anything else. And what way to better celebrate America’s freedom than by dressing up? Here’s our top 5 4th of July costumes …

  1. The Classics - Uncle Sam

Escapade has plenty of Uncle Sam costumes and accessories to choose from, and there’s little mistaking that you’re celebrating American liberation when dressed from head-to-toe in the stars and stripes.

2. A Presidential Mask

Recreate the 2016 US presidential election race with a Trump mask and a Hillary Clinton mask. For a truly accurate depiction, one can be in an Obama mask in order to mark the switchover. Oh, and just for fun, we’re sure some people will find a way to shoe Bill Clinton in there as well.

You could even go all out and take the mick in our Baby Trump Blimp Costume.

3. Honest Abe

This Abraham Lincoln costume is a fantastic choice if you wish to have people asking you for your sage advice. Costume features a a stove pipe top hat, beard, jacket with attached vest, shirt front, and bowtie. Complete the look with an Abe Lincoln beard. Unless Abe’s too busy listening to everyone’s problems. In which case, you may have to do a Lisa Simpson and ask George Washington instead, who seems less busy taking on the world’s problems and probably needs the company.

4. The Statue of Liberty

There are few images as iconic as the Statue of Liberty, gifted to the United States by the French to mark the abolition of slavery, the Union’s victory in 1865 and the move towards a fully-functioning democracy. The French were also allies to the American Revolution, and there were certainly British Enlightenment thinkers such as Thomas Paine who supported the struggle for independence, so you could even potentially go as a rather plainly-dressed  late-1700s revolutionary hero - which is simply black coat with tails, ruffled shirt and trousers with long socks over them.

5. Superheroes

When it comes to all-American superheroes who protect their country with patriotic pride constantly swelling in their bosoms, there’s only two particular names that come to mind: Wonder Woman and Captain America. Of course, the two exist in two different universes, so it’s only in fan fiction that we get to see the two get together and start a family.

Whatever costumes or accessories you need for your US Independence Day celebrations, Escapade is sure to have something that’ll help you look right for the part.