Harry Potter

  • Film fancy dress fans will get the opportunity to check out the costumes used in a number of Warner Brothers movies when a new tourist attraction opens in 2012.

    The production company will have a permanent UK base soon after it announced plans to develop its existing facilities in Hertfordshire.

    Props, costumes and various other items from silver screen hits will be housed in the £100 million facility, with visitors getting the opportunity to learn about how they went from ideas on a script to their full cinematic glory.


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  • Film fancy dress is sure to have a boost in sales this month as the next installment in the Harry Potter series is released in cinemas.

    Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part One will hit movie screens on November 19th 2010 and Emma Watson - who plays Hermione Granger - has already said fans are in for a treat.

    Writing on her Twitter page, she said: "Saw DH Part 1 over the weekend. It's absolutely amazing. I am so proud and pleased. Can't wait for you all to see it!"

    Fans may wish to get into their <a

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  • Scores of Harry Potter fans turned up in children's fancy dress on Friday (June 18th 2010) to witness the opening of a brand new theme park in Florida.

    Universal Orlando Resort opened up the Wizarding World of Harry Potter ready for the weekend and muggles from all over the country (probably the world) queued for hours to see the amazing new attraction.

    It features rides, rollercoasters and reproductions of famous locations such as Hogwart's School and the village of Hogsmeade, as well as a special section View Post