Fun fancy dress events have been recommended by one news provider as a great way of allowing people to relax and make friends.

Mark Tronson, writing for Christian Today, said dressing up takes people back to their childhood and lets them forget the stresses of their working life.

He recommended choosing a theme such as movie characters, vegetables and Back to the Future - particularly popular at the moment, apparently - to generate a talking point and create even more fun at gatherings.

"Fancy dress functions, whatever the theme, are indeed purpose-built for breaking down barriers, establishing friendships and just having sheer good fun," Mr Tronson commented.

Pirates of the Caribbean fancy dress costumes could be a good choice for an event that requires dressing up, as they add a modern touch to historical outfits.

There are also plenty of different characters for everyone to play, including Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann and a variety of monsters.