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This could be enough to put your off your lunchtime sandwiches, but Simon Cowell has revealed he has a special talent when it comes to puckering up.

The Britain's Got Talent judge took part in a question and answer session with fans of the show during one of the intervals, Metro reports.

When asked if he had a special talent that he could use to win the show if he was a contestant, Cowell said he did.

"I'm a fantastic kisser," he is reported to have replied.

A source told the newspaper Cowell stayed after the show to sign autographs for fans.

"He stayed a lot longer than any of the other judges did as well and he even posed for photographs," the impressed onlooker remarked.

The music mogul may be trying to get back in the public's good books after ditching Cheryl Cole from the US version of The X Factor. She is apparently ignoring all if his calls and texts, prompting Cowell to worry that she may never speak to him again.

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