• Anyone visiting London this summer could have the perfect opportunity to wear superhero fancy dress thanks to a new exhibition.

    Madame Tussaud's recently opened its Marvel SuperHeroes 4D display, which allows comic book fans to enter the world of their idols and explore like never before.

    There are a range of themed areas, including one showing Peter Parker in Spiderman fancy dress hanging on a View Post
  • We're used to seeing the X-Men in their superhero fancy dress fighting crime in comic books and movies.

    However, have you ever given a thought to their comfort while they're nailing baddies? InferiorEgo, writing for, has and it seems he's quite concerned about the issue, as well as how the characters ensure good levels of personal hygiene.

    Pointing out that he gets pretty stinky in running gear, the comic book fan said he thinks the X-Men such as Wolverine and Cyclops must really struggle in View Post