Anyone visiting London this summer could have the perfect opportunity to wear superhero fancy dress thanks to a new exhibition.

Madame Tussaud's recently opened its Marvel SuperHeroes 4D display, which allows comic book fans to enter the world of their idols and explore like never before.

There are a range of themed areas, including one showing Peter Parker in Spiderman fancy dress hanging on a web, which visitors can enter to see how it feels to walk on the ceiling.

Another area allows people to try on Wolverine's gloves with foot-long claws.

After looking around the world of Marvel, visitors can then sit down to enjoy an exclusive 4D movie, which is set in London and features fan-favourite characters like The Incredible Hulk and Spidey.

It's a busy year for comic book characters in 2010, with some classics set to get movie remakes. We're looking forward to checking out Captain America and Thor soon - and maybe even wearing superhero fancy dress to the screenings!