The superhero fancy dress worn by Wonder Woman would have to be changed from the classic in order to make it work for a film or TV adaptation, it has been claimed.

There has been much debate about the crime-fighter's attire lately after her costume was given a complete revamp in the comic book late last year.

Die-hard fans complained that the bomber jacket and slim-fitting trousers were too far away from the original bustier and hot pants combo, but Joey Esposito from IGN UK said they are more suitable for real life should an actress be required to don the costume for a new movie or TV series.

"Taking a design straight from the comics and placing it on a real, live human being is going to yield goofy results," he insisted, adding that the old Wonder Woman fancy dress has very high heels and "enough cleavage to make a blind man see".

Mr Esposito said the new costume would be more comfortable, making the performances more believable and engaging.

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks recently told US chat show host Rachel Ray she would love the chance to play Wonder Woman if the part was ever offered to her.