539x800-px-blog-2017-movie-releases 2017, like most years since the invention of film and the various industries around the world, Bollywood or Hollywood, will bring its fair share of blockbusters. Here are some of the best ones to munch popcorn in front of …

1. Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2

Superheroes are more trendy than ever, and it doesn’t look like 2017 will show any sign of this abating. We’ve seen all sorts of really terrible comic-to-film adaptations over the last several years, but luckily some of them are rather decent. The first Guardians of the Galaxy proves that comic book adaptations can indeed be done well. Hopefully, the second one will be just as good, and will sate our hunger until Deadpool 2 is released in 2018.  

2. The Mummy2> Tired of reboots and remakes? If yes, then look away now; if no, then get ready for excitement. That’s right - a reboot of a film made not so long ago! This time, it’s The Mummy that gets the treatment, and not a superhero film, so at least there’s some semblance of originality there. Still, don’t expect another The Thing (though we can help, although the original The Thing is infinitely superior to The Mummy). What you should expect, however, is entertaining fare that will likely neither ruffle your feathers or challenge you to think about life’s complexities. Oh, and the chance to dress as Ancient Egyptian deceased royalty.  

3. Kong: Skull Island

Monster movies can be a hit-or-miss affair. Some are brilliant (think Godzilla or Jurassic Park), whilst others are entirely forgettable (think Mansquito). Kong: Skull Island looks to have potential, with a star-studded cast that includes Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman and Brie Larson, but only time will tell.  

4. Star Wars: Episode VIII

Pretty much guaranteed to be the big blockbuster in 2017. It would perhaps be more unusual to find someone in the West (and probably quite a big chunk of the rest of the world, too) to find someone who won’t have watched the next instalment in the Star Wars saga. No, Episode VII didn’t get everything right, but it still got more right than wrong (unlike Episodes I, II and III). Let’s hope that Episode VIII carries on and takes the franchise to even bigger heights.  

5. World War Z 2

The first one certainly wasn’t brilliant by any means, and the relationship to Max Brooks’ novel of the same name is tenuous at best. Yet, much like superheroes, the public’s desire for undead diseased corpses that pass on their zombie virus to others via biting them has not abated, and people don’t seem to be too worried about the massive differences between the film and the book. World War Z 2 looks to be much the same as the first one: full of action, suspense and mayhem centred around protagonist Brad Pitt’s character, Gerry Lane. With David Fincher behind the camera, this one could prove to be better than just your average summer blockbuster yarn.   The above are perhaps some of the bigger blockbusters coming out next year. There’s actually a slew of them coming out in 2017, including Wonder Woman, Justice League, Fifty Shades Darker, a live-action Ghost in the Shell and what will probably end up to be the surprise hit of 2017, The Lego Batman Movie (no, Christian Bale won’t be doing the gravelly voice).