With only six days left until Halloween fancy dress party time, it's the perfect opportunity to remind everyone how important it is to stay safe and avoid accidents or injuries this October 31st.

It may sound a bit of a killjoy, but health officer Sue Kunferman told the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune that a few simple measures can avoid any nasty incidents at the weekend.

Firstly, she suggested that kids going out trick or treating should be given reflective clothing in order to stay visible on the streets.

Also, any masks should be checked by parents to ensure they do not obscure the child's vision and robes should not be so long as to trip them up.

Preferably, children going knocking on doors should be accompanied by an adult - they can stand at the top of the drive to avoid killing the youngsters' street cred!

And finally, parents should check the goodies their kids bring back to make sure there are no choking hazards.

"If everyone follows some basic safety tips, we all can enjoy a safe and happy Halloween," Sue said.

Parents worried about trick or treating could simply send their children in Halloween fancy dress around to neighbours' houses to prevent them talking to strangers.